Someone posed this question in the previous post announcing the NFL-N/CBS/NBC Simulcast, and I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this whole thing. Why was FOX left out of the mix?

I can understand NBC being chosen, but CBS and not FOX is a little bit dubious at best. The first thing that pops into my mind is Patriots’ Owner Robert Kraft’s recent dealings with CBS. They are making a restaurant and studios for the Network right in their backyard. We all realized that was a shady move, but couldn’t really understand its benefits at the time. Well now I think we’ve found one of them.

ProFootball Talk is reporting that FOX is extremely pissed that they were left of deal, and rightfully so. The NFL site is even saying that ESPN was interested, but wouldn’t do so because their announcers wouldn’t be calling the game. It’s good that ESPN said that they wanted to be involved even though they weren’t even invited to the party.

So I guess were back to the original point…..Why CBS and not FOX? Makes no sense if you ask me and just like FOX I’d like some answers. Don’t make the Baby Fox Robot cry NFL….that’s just mean.