Hearing him get hit with beer cans……SOUUUUNDS SO SWEEEEEEET!

(Just a quick note before I get into this ridiculous piece of information. I want it known that I am extremely disappointed with TNT this Playoff season, and I plan to write an ultra-long post that you will be sure to skip over in the next couple of days.)

In the meantime…..here’s a GREAT idea that TNT came up with for NASCAR….

TNT will announce today that it has teamed with rock group Hinder to remake Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” as the net’s anthem to promote its ’07 NASCAR Nextel Cup coverage. The song will serve as the primary musical bed for all six of TNT’s races, as well as for its multiplatform marketing campaign surrounding its exclusive race coverage. TNT begins its Nextel Cup coverage June 10 with the Pocono 500.

Well I guess TNT knows it’s audience, and Lips of an Angel really IS a catchy song. Well a catchy one that makes you want to throw up that came out a year ago. Either way…..ROCK!

TNT Jams With Hinder In New Promos For NASCAR Coverage (SBD- $)

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