I know we’ve all beaten this issue into the ground regarding Sean Taylor, and giving Cowherd press in any way is the opposite of what I’ve said in the past, but this needs to be said. It’s one thing to speculate that the death of Sean Taylor was directly related to his character (ala Wilbon), but it’s another thing to completely gloat over the fact you think you’re right (with no facts to prove it).

Dan Steinberg has been collecting quotes from Shrutebag’s “coverage” of Taylor’s passing over the past day or so, and I wanted to share a few (since I refuse to listen to the ass)…..

“Sean Taylor, great player has a history of really really bad judgment, really really bad judgment. Cops, assault, spitting, DUI. I’m supposed to believe his judgment got significantly better in two years, from horrible to fantastic? ‘But Colin he cleaned up his act.’ Well yeah, just because you clean the rug doesn’t mean you got everything out. Sometimes you’ve got stains, stuff so deep it never ever leaves.”

“I want to know the truth. I want to know the details. It’s not pretty? I don’t care, I’m a grown-up. I can handle not pretty. A lot of people can’t in the media, a lot of people can’t, ‘Oh, wah wah wah, sensitivity, he’s a great person, wah wah wah.’ Hey, I don’t care, that’s fine, he died, let’s get to the truth. We’re all about the truth. We always say on this show, we’re not always good, we’re always honest. Just give me honesty.”

No, all the information’s not in. But I feel pretty confident that my gut feeling, like any of yours, by the way, is right and was right.

Oh no! He spit on someone? Crucify him! And a DUI?!?! About 50% of the people I know have one. Is that right or okay? Of course not, but you know when they got them??? When they were young and they’ve since grown up. Who cares if multiple people have said the guy has grown up since the birth of his child and that the cops are saying this is just a random act of violence (although Antrelle Rolle says different)? Let’s just go with it. Even if you are right….who the hell cares? Go ahead and brag about it you douche. Congrats….you win nothing.

According to Cowherd, gut reactions are now considered fact on ESPN Radio. Again, I don’t listen to Colin Cowherd (never really did until the whole TBL thing), but this s**t with him has gotten completely out of hand. He’s a sensationalist and unprofessional as it gets. While we already knew that, the crap his spewing over the past few days is completely ridiculous. I know ESPN does nothing in regards to these situations (sans-Harold Reynolds), but I want them to know that ESPN Radio will never grace these ears until that jackass is gone and I hope the readers here do the same.

Colin Cowherd on Sean Taylor (DC Sports Bog)

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