The Ladies… came across a peculiar Berman poster over the weekend and put up a post at Deadspin about it. It’s a beautiful poster of Chris Berman looking at you as you walk into a Dunkin Donuts. Well the details surrounding the mystery have been revealed!

Chris Berman is officially a proud spokesman for Dunkin Donuts and their new breakfast sandwich….

The Bacon Lover’s Supreme Omelete!

Son of a bitch! He scared the bejesus out of me!!! Let me gather myself. Okay, I’m good. What exactly am I going all the way to Chris? A heart attack perhaps??? Man my nerves are shot today. You can’t go popping up like that in random videos, and then try to feed me a bacon bomb or whatever you’re calling it. Good lord.

And Chris “Bacon Lover” Berman…..that’s too easy. Pass.

Score Big Bacon (Dunkin Donuts)
Dunkin’ Berman (Deadspin)

(Source SBD)

Update: Via diligent Jew Unsilent Majority comes a fact that AA overlooked. Berman (like UM) is Jewish and hyping a bacon-based (god that sounds nasty) product isn’t going to look to good to Boomer’s Jewish fan base.

In a related note…..Berman has fans of any religion, race, or creed?

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