I’ve got the DePaul Villanova game on (ESPN 360), so I’m going to keep a running commentary up. Not a true live-blog because I’m just listening to the game more than watching it. If anyone wants to know DePaul is only down two at half, and your leading scorer is Sumpter with 13.

Other games today: Syracuse-UCONN at 2pm.

I’m pretty sure we get Sean McDonough, Jay Bilas, and Bill Raftery all day. So it should be good coverage. The are by far the best….if not only…..team out there.

According to Jay Bilas only “three people on Villanova have taken shots”…..not a way to win a ballgame.

Is it just me or is Big East Basketball boring as hell?

Ha…they’re talking about the Tyler Hansbrough-Gerald Henderson incident and Bilas says, “I hope he recovers from the vicious hit of him shoving his face into someone’s elbow.”

Bring it Home…..the NBA Live show with Scoop Jackson is going to be Horrible. Not as if you didn’t already know that.

You have no idea how much of a relief it is for me to listen to commentary from great basketball minds. Why is it so hard to have one guy that does great play by play, one guy with the Xs and Os, and one guy with the excitement to bring it all together?

Oh the score…..that’s right. 51-44 Nova with about 8:30 to go.

“Daunte Cunningham doesn’t have his shoes on over on the sideline”- JB
“Is he Dennis Rodman, or is there a problem?”- BR

Kinda funny Bill.

Great analysis from Bilas…..he noted that Sumpter is “settling for jumpshots when he could easily get to the rim”. He couldn’t be more right Sumpter hit a couple of threes, but has missed his last 5 attempts.

4 mins left Villanova up 5.

Hahahahaha the Big East is trying to keep up with the Big Ten. The Big Ten recently turned to Talib Kweli for a commercial about the conference. Well the Big East has responded with none other than Cypress Hill. I’ll have the video up later.

“Bill Raftery responsible for the choreography in that video piece.”- SMc

59-55 Nova with 2:30 left.

Meija gets a runner, and DePaul is down 4 with 1 minute left……Nova Ball.

Villanova looks like they’ve got it locked up. Great job by the best trio on ESPN. I’ll do this for the Cuse-UCONN game coming up in about 20 minutes, but there will be a regular post before then.