Syracuse is wearing new jerseys for the affair. All white jerseys and all white shorts…..don’t know how I feel about that.

UCONN wins the tip and Cuse comes out……..”MANNNN TO MANNNN!”

15-14 UCONN about halfway through.

Signal to Noise said… So those are the home uni versions of those Nike-designed travesties. Fugly.

No sorry…..forgot about those. I think it’s a version of that line though. I’ll try to get a screen shot.

I’m waiting for a close-up, but this will give you an idea. UCONN up 2 at the under 8 minute TV Timeout.

Jerome Dyson is on fire for UConn early, and Devendorf is keeping Syracuse in the game by himself.

Here’s a better shot. I didn’t even notice it said Orange instead of Syracuse. It’s definitely the “form-fitting” unis that S2N was referring, and that were on Deadspin the other day.

32-28 UConn with about 4 minutes left in the first…..

point23 said… There is only one way for UConn to top Syracuse: they are going to have to paint their numbers on their chests and backs like Kevin Bacon’s team in “The Air Up There.” Might as well slice their stomachs open and paint Winabi on there while they are at it.Great point (and a comment so funny it made me do a spittake. “Hippopotamus Breath!”). UConn is surviving entirely on a few threes from Dyson. Syracuse refuses to change from the zone defense, and I don’t blame them…..the Huskies cannot keep up this shooting percentage.

UCONN up 1……a minute to go in the half.

Dyson has 12 in the half and UConn leads by 2……38-36

Finally! My non-HTML knowing ass has conquered the collapsible post! Every Live-Blog/Open-Thread will know have a “Read More” link, so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing to get to the next post.

Back to the game……45-42 Cuse.

I’m really glad that Disney owns ESPN. There would have been no way for me to know that High School Musical 2 is coming out.

Syracuse’s Zone is eating UConn up now. Cuse up 9 under 13 minutes to go.

Devendorf gets hurt on a drive to the layup, and ‘Cuse does not need that. Nichols hits a three to put the Orange up 11. Nichols is on fire, and Syracuse is pulling away…..12 minutes to go.

Yep….we’re in a rout now. Syracuse is up 14 after a couple of technical free throws. UConn is losing their cool. 9:30 left.

Jim Calhoun is T’ed up immediately after, and he has a case. The Refs are jobbing the Huskies a bit and Jimmy takes out his frustration on the Big East Tourney Sign at the Scorer’s Table…..

Syracuse was almost up 20, and UConn amazingly decides to press. Good idea ya think? Well the Huskies have cut it to 10 with 2:31 left. Still a chance for Connecticut.

9-0 run for UConn and Cuse is on the line.

Game over…..78-65 Syracuse. Another Great job by the trio of McDonough, Bilas, and Raftery. Love that team.

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