Good lord. I couldn’t even fathom a way CBS could make this event even more ridiculous, but they figured it out. How you ask?

The U.S. Air Force will get a pop in a taped feature on CBS’ pregame show from taking CBS analysts Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe aloft Friday with its famous Thunderbirds. For CBS announcers Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, calling the game is just one of their Sunday CBS on-air appearances, which will range from appearing on Face the Nation to playing themselves on CBS’ Criminal Minds after the game.

But that’s not even the worst part. The worst?

The caveman character in Geico insurance ads will play golf with Simms’ pregame All-Iron Team: Difference Makers show that will otherwise be devoted to analyzing NFL stars.

You don’t believe me…’s the proof.

I love the caveman commercials, but this is a little too much cross-promotion. Oh wait…..crap there’s more……….

• Miami chefs compete with celebrity chef Bobby Flay in an Iron Chef contest on CBS’ Early Show Friday morning. Somebody will get burned.

• Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice weighs in on the Super Bowl on ESPN’s SportsCenter at 6 p.m. ET Friday.

• In what’s billed as the first complete rebroadcast of the most shocking Super Bowl, the NFL Network replays NBC’s 1969 Super Bowl at 8 p.m. Saturday.

• On CBS’ pregame, Randy Cross reports from Iraq on the CBS-staged Baghdad Bowl — U.S. troops playing touch football.

• CBS studio analyst Boomer Esiason will also call the Super Bowl nationally on Westwood One radio with Marv Albert. Esiason will wear a wireless mike so he can continue calling the game — perhaps from an elevator — after he leaves the booth early to be on time for CBS’ field-level halftime show.

• Need to hear the game radio broadcast in Russian? Chinese? Sirius Satellite Radio has broadcasts in those languages and others, including French, Japanese and German, as well as the two teams’ local radio broadcasts.

• Sunday night, CBS’ Late Show with Craig Ferguson will be at the Super Bowl for its first live show outside a studio. Taking no chances, the show will rely heavily on ESPN veterans. Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, Joe Theismann and Monday Night Football singer Hank Williams Jr. will be guests.

• Monday, you can download Super Bowl highlights — on the iTunes Store — for the first time.

That’s just insane. Just wake me up when the game starts please.

Super Bowl ad machine in overdrive (USA Today)

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