Obviously it’s not on the same level as the time NBC cut away from a Jets-Raiders game in 1968, but this was pretty bad in its own right….

Football fans and CBC staffers were furious on Saturday night over the network cutting short its Canadian Football League telecast to air a movie. Yesterday, Scott Moore, the head of CBC Sports, met with CFL commissioner Mark Cohon to assure him the mistake would not happen again.

“He understood the problem and understood these things don’t happen very often,” Moore said. “When you’re hit with a unique situation, sometimes decisions are made that you regret.”

So what was the movie you ask? Could it possibly be worse than Heidi??? Oh it can, and it was…

Given that CFL fans felt ripped off, the movie, starring Nick Nolte, was appropriately titled The Good Thief.

Nick Nolte?!?!?! Nice. I bet if it was Blue Chips no one would have even cared.

CBC fumbles coverage of Roughriders game (Globe and Mail)