Okay this is getting out of hand. What the hell is wrong with media these days? Billy Packer “Fags Out”, Don Imus jokes about “nappy headed hos”, and Colin Cowherd….well, you know.

National Media….can you just do me a favor and shut the f*** up? Seriously….just be quiet. For once please stop making everything about you and just report the news???

And You know who else can shut up? Donna Orender.

“It was absolutely tragic, especially coming as it did at the time that was celebrating all the accomplishments of women’s basketball,” Orender said. “We had just had the predraft camp, it was the day of the draft in conjunction with the Final Four. It was tremendously appalling, because the women’s game is all about bringing people together, no matter their religion, nationality or other differences.”

Nothing is worse than someone making a bad joke or a point to get noticed and the next person using the situation for their own agenda. Are you kidding me Donna Orender??? NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE WNBA!!! I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. Your stupid PR tricks are just going to make me hate the league more. And your sport is the only one that brings people together? Just shut up….that’s what sport does as a whole. Sure there a bad parts, but there’s no other venue that does this to such a degree.

Everyone just take a deep breath….relax. No Imus and Packer shouldn’t be fired. Well Packer should be fired for his shitty announcing and surly attitude, but that’s different. Both are just old curmudgeons trying to get a cheap laugh. We’ve now made them that much more popular because of people like Orender and the rest. How many people do you think will listen to Imus the first day he’s back from suspension?

In all honesty….that’s exactly what we did for Cowherd. I know it’s hard not to listen to it when everyone is talking about it, but that (expletive deleted) got exactly what he wanted. He pissed off a group of people….he gained more viewers….and he wasn’t punished. Now that we’ve spent a few days talking about it….let it go everyone.

Enough with the boycott Cowherd and ESPN Radio talk…..trust me when I say that his talent will take care of this own its own. Everyone stop giving the idiot(s) press and ratings, and let’s go back to dick and fart jokes. Okay? OKAY?!?!?!….good.

WNBA’S Prez Blasts Imus (NY Daily News)