I really was genuinely excited for the NFL Network’s return last night. Even though I knew the game probably wasn’t going to be exiting it was still late night Thanksgiving Day Football. I said I was willing to give Bryant Gumbel another chance and this was it.

How did he do you ask??? He failed miserably. If you don’t have the NFL-Network you missed the most boring game I’ve ever seen in my life. Not because of the action on the field but because of Gumbel.

I understand the game was sloppy, and it wasn’t what you wanted for your first game of the year, but could you show me you cared a little bit Bryant!?!? I mean even Chris Collinsworth (who I usually enjoy) was struggling at the end of the contest because you could tell Gumbel just didn’t care. Maybe it’s just his personality, but the guy is about as exciting as watching paint dry. If he showed even an ounce of energy he might be tolerable as a Play by Play guy, but he registers on the opposite end of the spectrum from Gus Johnson. No I take that back Gumbel is like the Highlander. He sucks the viewer’s energy and soul out of them as they watch the game (there can be only one).

Last year the NFL-Network ESPN employed a team of Brad Nessler, Dick Vermeil, and Ron Jaworski and they proceeded to call a great game. What’s wrong with Brad Nessler and Chris Collinsworth? Why does it have to be Gumbel??? It makes no sense to me. ANYONE Would be better than Gumbel….Kornheiser, Chip Caray…even Joe Theismann.

I know we have to live with him for another seven games this year, but honestly this just isn’t working. Maybe he’ll get more exited for Romo/Favre next week, but last night was abysmal.

Random Quote Of The Day That Has Nothing To Do With Gumbel Or The NFL Network:

“Detroit really likes to spread you out”- Joe Buck (Via embrnl4)

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