AA is going to be off tomorrow. Yeah it sucks, but nothing has happened in the last few days , and none of you read on Fridays anyway.

With that said I wanted to leave you with some breaking news for the weekend. There’s going to be yet another awesome ESPN Cross Promotion that’ll be coming to a SportsCenter near you. Via Dan Lebatard’s Radio Show Thursday Evening comes this joyous nugget…..

Wilbon, Herbstreit, and Keyshawn are being replaced for Round 2 in the Who’s Now tournament…any guesses on who’ll replace them? You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you.

Kevin James (yes!), Mike Greenberg (oh yeah!), and (drumroll)….Jessica Biel!!!

Hell yeah SportsCenter! You did a cross-promotion with Die Hard 4….why not do one with Chuck and Larry? You can also tie it in to your Who’s Now crap!!! F’ing Brilliant. There hasn’t been a press release yet, but according to AA’s associate editor for the week….Lebatard was all over this on his daily radio show.

Someone shoot me now…well let me get a look at Biel, and then off me.

UPDATE: Just linking in the video so you can see JB in all her glory.

Who’s Now Round 2: Video

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