Let’s go Bowling! It’s the Reason for the Season! Or whatever cheesy intro you can insert here. The fun starts at 9pm and I hope at least a few of you are excited for the first Bowl Game of the 2007 Season.

AA’s Pick(s): Navy +8 (They’re playing in San Diego and should have a ton of servicemen and women/fans there)
Rams +8

“Where’s your ball skills.”- Marshall Faulk (Hey I’m watching….why not?)

“Willie Parker’s condition seems to be more than a passing thing. They’ve loaded him on the cart and he would appear headed to the restroom.”- Bryant Gumbel

I think my ears my be playing tricks on me, but I’m almost positive that’s what Gumbel just said. I’m going to have to post the video for you all to verify that one.

“Marshall I love this guy. Powerful Eyes…hands, speed.”- Deion Sanders

What the hell does that even mean and what in the hell is going on with this trio?

“We talked about Willie Parker and how big of a loss he is to this team. You see there he’s leading the NFL in rushing and carries too. This is a guy who was worked a lot, last year at 337 calories….carries.”- Bryant Gumbel

Okay….I picked the wrong game to live-blog obviously.

I’m telling you this just one more time Deion…..If you name a receiver before the play goes off one more time…..

“You saw him pick up the right puppy and tap it before he went out.”- Bryant Gumbel on Issac Bruce getting his feet down in the endzone
“Great job with the feet. I watch Issac, he practices those type of things.”- Marshall Faulk

No shit Marshall? You mean like catching the ball and making sure his feet are inbounds??? Who would have thought that a WIDE RECEIVER would practice such things.

Okay I think I’m just making this an open thread and just traking quotes. I feel like flipping back and forth between these two games and the NBA action, so I’m going to just make this a Smorgasbord of quotes.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta kick it and take the win.” – Deion Sanders, with 37 seconds left in the first half and Pittsburgh up by a touchdown. (Via Erik)

I have no idea what they’re even talking about anymore.

After reviewing the last play with 15 sec. left in the half that they gave a catch to Isaac Bruce, Gumbel says “It is hard to tell the reaction of the crowd. That call was greeted with almost as many boos from the Steelers fans.” Or maybe the fans were cheering “Bruuucccee” did you think of that Bryant? (Via NK)

“Let’s meet the Midshipmen offense.”- Rece Davis

Ummm……there’s 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Why the hell do they wait so long?

“He’s producing….he’s very productive.”- Deion Sanders on Issac Bruce

Gumbel just called Tony Romo, Tony Romeo when promoting Saturday’s game (Via BMroziak)

Annnnnnd…..that’s video #5. I’ll post them all tomorrow.

Lou Holtz just got very confused after Rece and Mark gave him a compliment. Rece said he was withdrawing his name from consideration for all open coaching jobs. The coach then said, “I don’t know what you two are talking about, I’m watching the game. But it leads me to believe my contract’s not being renewed.”

Hilarious. Annnnnnd they just introduced Utah’s starting D at the end of the 3rd Quarter??? That’s odd.

Okay, now that was a good game. I can’t believe Navy didn’t call timeout at the end there and/or run it for the first down, but that’s okay. In all honesty the trio of Rece, Mark, and Lou actually did a tremendous job tonight……The NFL Network on the other hand. Horrible.

I’ve got a ton of videos for tomorrow which may or may not include Jay Bilas having an on-air orgasm during a Duke game. See you then.

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