We get a trio of games tonight and our first of two NFL Network games. We’ve got Charles “Mangina” Davis, we’ve got Mike Patrick, and we’ve got Chris Spielman! It’s going to be a great night. Leave your picks and quotes in the comments and I’ll be updating below the previews. Hopefully we’ll have as much fun as we did last night….Cheers!

#14 Boston College vs. Michigan State
The Champs Sports Bowl
5:00 PM ET, December 28, 2007
Florida Citrus Bowl , Orlando , FL

Weather: 82 Degrees, Sunny
Spread: BC -6, O/U 58
AA’s Pick: BC -6 (Record 6-2)
Announcers: Mike Patrick, Todd Blackledge(ESPN)

Team Leaders

Boston College Passing: Ryan- 60.3%, 4258 Yards, 28 TDs, 18 Ints
Michigan State Passing: Hoyer- 61.5%, 2594 Yards, 18 TDs, 7 Ints

Boston College Rushing: Callendar- 206 Carries, 956 Yards, 4.6 avg, 9 TDs
Michigan State Rushing: Ringer- 224 Carries, 1346 Yards, 6.0 avg, 6 TDs

Boston College Receiving: Gunnell- 58 Catches, 793 Yards, 13.7 avg, 5 TDs
Michigan State Receiving: Thomas- 75 Catches, 1226 Yards, 16.3 avg, 8 TDs

TCU vs. Houston
Texas Bowl
8:00 PM ET, December 28, 2007
Reliant Stadium , Houston , TX

Weather: Dome
Spread: TCU -6.5, O/U 58
AA’s Pick: HOU +7, buy the half
Announcers: Brad Sham, Mike Mayock, and Charles Davis (NFL-Network)

Team Leaders

TCU Passing: Dalton- 58.9%, 2210 Yards, 10 TDs, 10 INTs
Houston Passing: Keenum- 69.8%, 1924 Yards, 13 TDs, 10 INTs

TCU Rushing: Turner- 112 Carries, 587 Yards, 5.2 avg, 6 TDs
Houston Rushing: Alridge- 244 Carries, 1568 Yards, 6.4 avg, 14 TDs

TCU Receiving: Dickerson- 37 Catches, 457 Yards, 12.4 avg, 4 TDs
Houston Receiving: Avery- 81 Catches, 1336 Yards, 16.5 avg, 7 TDs

Maryland vs. Oregon State
Emerald Bowl
8:30 PM ET, December 28, 2007
AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA

Weather: 45 Degrees, Cloudy (30% chance of Rain)
Spread: Oregon State -5.5, O/U 47
AA’s Pick: OSU -5.5
Announcers: Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman(ESPN)

Team Leaders

Maryland Passing: Turner- 64.2%, 1753 Yards, 5 TDs, 5 INTs
Oregon State Passing: Moevao- 52.2 %, 836 Yards, 2 TDs, 6 INTs

Maryland Rushing: Lattimmore- 206 Carries, 789 Yards, 3.8 avg, 13 TDs
Oregon State Rushing: Bernard- 237 Carries, 1037 Yards, 4.4 avg, 12 TDs

Maryland Receiving: Heyward-Bey- 48 Catches, 687 Yards, 14.3 avg, 2 TDs
Oregon State Receiving: Brown- 39 Catches, 550 Yards, 14.1 avg, 1 TD

“Did a nice job and really BANGED it!”- Mike Patrick

I never want to hear Mike Patrick use that word like that ever again.

“He actually ran the stairs with TJ Duckett a great NFL player.”- Holly Rowe


“And Michigan leads Boston College, 7-0.”- Mike Patrick (Via Rick James Bible Owner)

During the ESPN Bowl Rundown, the first words from Lou Holtz concerning the Champs Bowl- ‘It’s 80 degrees and not a breath of fresh air.” (Via Gibbon Jockey)

I’m really upset that Lou isn’t doing a pep talk for any of these games. That’s a travesty.

“Collander on the carry.”- Mike Patrick

It’s CALendar…..like well a CALendar.

“The offensive line for BC was just over on the sideline after that last punt getting absolutely hammered…(too long of a pause)…by the BC coaching staff.”- Holly Rowe (Via Time For 11)

How many Holly Rowe reports are they going to do in the first half? I think were at 6 now….the last one even included a Brett Favre impression.

“The blow was delivered a little lower.”- Mike Patrick

“You mentioned both those picks that Ryan threw. Both coming from Jamie Silva.”- Rece Davis

Unless MSU and BC made a trade that’s physically impossible Rece.

“They came from ahead to lose.”- Brad Sham

“He had it on the tip.”- Mike Patrick

“You have an I-Pod and an I-Phone?”- Todd Blackledge
“Anything with an I in it I have it. If they come out with an I-Car I’m buying it.”- Mike Patrick
“Do you have Britney Spears on that I-Pod?”- Todd Blackledge
“No………….although I hear she might be renting out that double wide to a family member.”- Mike Patrick

WINNER! Video in 15.

“A Quarterback has to keep his hands in and ride that center.”- Todd Blackledge (Via Gibbon Jockey)

“I like the chunky kickers we have in this game.” – Mike Mayock (Via alienaub)

“Now you know why his teammates call him ‘Sweet Pea’.” – Charles Davis
“He’s got a couple of nicknames. Donny Avery called him a white Michael Vick.” – Mike Mayock
“I think Sweet Pea is a little safer.” – Brad Sham
(Via alienaub)

Are you serious??? The production one had to be cringing at that one.

“He smelled sack and he got sack”- Chris Spielman (Via Fairplay)

“You noticed something between the two teams Chris. What a dichotomy, if you know what that means, between the two teams.”- Rob Stone to Chris Spielman