Okay…..a quick standings update. We have new Leaders! I’ve only tallied up through the Alamo Bowl so far (sorry it was all that could fit on the paper at the moment). There are a few of you that just kick ass, and Brenden’s Owning Mahoney Style took him on a 7 game winning streak (ass-hat).

Also, I wanted to give a special thanks to Run Up The Score who did an amazing job on the Sugar Bowl Live-Blog. Brian from One More Dying Quail is back to do another crappy Bowl this weekend (The GMAC Bowl, seriously B…..what’s with all the car sponsored Bowls?) and Signal to Noise might do an NFL game this weekend.

Thanks for the participation and if you ever want the exposure after a day of cheerleader tooshie then feel free to email to do a live-blog at AwfulAnnouncing@gmail.com.

Mini-Me from WBRS Sports Blog, 12-7
Bosox Siobhan from Opposum-Palooza, 12-7
Awful Announcing, 11-8
The DC Sports Chick, 11-8
Greg from Sports Betting Blog, 11-8
Brenden G., 11-8
Marco from Just Call Me Juice, 11-8
Craig W., 10-9 (error from previous standings fixed)
Commenter Sam T, 10-9
Wasting Co. Time, 9-10
Signal to Noise, 7-12
Jakob from The Fan’s Attic, 6-13

The following have submitted games here and there but have incomplete data for the standings. We all still love you though.

The Awful Girlfriend, 3-5
Jake from Thunder Matts Saloon, 3-5
Off The Baggie, 1-7
Twins15 from Complete Sports, 1-7

If there are errors go tell someone who cares……these are the standings. (Or just email me and I will fix them.)