I always thought people that listened to the broadcast of the game while at the game were kind of dorks. Them and the people that keep score at a Baseball game (I really didn’t mean to spill my jack and coke on your program, I swear!). Well some company is taking blue-tooth technology to a new level, so you can become such a dork. For $10 you can get a little ear piece which will air one of three radio broadcasts for a few Bowl Games this season. Via Sports Business Daily….

Alabama-based Devtek has signed agreements to make its upstart InUrEar audio device available for fans at the Outback Bowl and Motor City Bowl, and is near agreements with the Liberty Bowl and GMAC Bowl. Fans can buy the disposable earpieces ahead of time on Devtek’s Web site or at the stadiums for $10. Choice of either team’s radio signal is available for the Outback and Motor City bowls, and ESPN Radio’s feed will be used for the Liberty. Plans are still being finalized for the GMAC.

Just in case you’re going to the Liberty Bowl, here’s who you’d be getting on the ESPN feed….

Eric Collins, Bill Curry and Joe Schad

I’d just save the $10 and spend it on beer personally. And just for the hell of it (NSFW lyrics)….