I actually have a secret tape of the game coming from a far off land (it’s actually from AA operative Emily at Miami of Ohio), so I’ll be able to break the whole thing down. From the few people that were watching last night it appears that he held his own, and didn’t cry over the Pats loss.

Here are some highlights from SportsBizDaily….

ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons provided color commentary alongside play-by-play announcer Rob Stone for ESPNU’s broadcast of the St. Mary’s College-Univ. of San Diego men’s basketball game. Simmons continually remarked on the size of the crowd at Jenny Craig Arena in San Diego: “It’s great to be here and watch a basketball game in front of at least seventy-five, eighty people.” Simmons even presented a list of ways to get more fans out to the games. One was a suggestion that the team change their name: “I don’t like the nickname Toreros. I think it’s too hard to say. I would change it to the ‘San Diego Zoo.'” Other highlights included the two interviewing a fan at the press booth because he was decked out in licensed apparel from Simmons’ hometown team, the Celtics, as well as Simmons opening the game with his best Bill Raftery impression: “San Diego starting out … IN THE MAN-TO-MAN”

Now the Raftery impression was probably pretty funny, but the San Diego Zoo??? I don’t get it. Either way I should have some fun reviewing the tape, and I’ll try to get it up on YouTube soon.

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