It’s about time we started getting this war going. Via TBL comes this little tidbit from the newest BS Report. Seth Meyers is on to talk all things SNL with Simmons when all of a sudden Simmons decides to pitch a skit…..

BS Report Audio

“We’ve all seen these baseball playoff commercials where Dane Cook pretends to be such a big baseball fan, even though we’re not sure if he could pick Albert Pujols out of a police lineup … so this week’s host is shooting one of those the baseball commercials, except he keeps screwing up the names really badly (absolutely butchers Rivera, Papelbon, Pujols, Sabathia, etc). And the director has to keep interrupting him. And then it goes on for three minutes.”

Oh Snaaaaaap……wait. That’s not really funny. In fact that’s perfect for the current crappy cast of SNL. Dammit Bill! I wanted you to take that ass clown down….now all Dane Cook has to say is what he said before, “Who’s Bill Simmons?”. Someone needs to stop Dane Cook and apparently it’s not Simmons. This upsets me greatly.

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