I’m all about sharing is these here parts, and when the power went out and the readers doubled their comment output from the previous 20 picks…..something had to be done. Cheez Doodlez for everyone!!!!! No really….we’re skipping using the “You Create The Caption” space (see below) and giving you an extra special, super duper, really long comment list from last night’s NBA Draft Live-Blog. Enjoy!

(Note: Normally you’d get the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly just like last year….but someone else decided to do it first. I know it’s not an original concept, but that’s okay…there’s always next year)

“How does seersucker even remotely qualify as “funky” or “representing New York”? I bet Colonel Sanders is rolling over in his crispy fried grave right now.”- Bstone

“My wife doesn’t like basketball. Never watches it, knows nothing about it. Yet she just listened to Stephen A. Smith for about ten seconds before stating matter-of-factly, “I don’t like him.””- OMDQ

“Joakim Noah looks like a homeless Louis Farrakhan”- The Chemical Brother

“I hope Oden got his mid afternoon nap. This is going to be an awfully late night for someone his age.”- Brave Sir Robin

“That Noah outfit is absolutely priceless. The future really IS now.”- Bstone

“You know its a sucky draft when they show you behind the scenes before the damn thing is over.”- Lord Nero

“Second hop ability? Jay, you are brutal.”- Mookie

“Did Bilas just say Thornton has good “second jumpability”? Dear God…”- Anon

“Vitale giving Kobe analysis…I bet Bucher is furious”- Vegas Watch

“Did Stu Scott really just say “Acie Earl” instead of “Acie Law”? Why not just mention Eric Montross, Ron Mercer and Alaa Abdelnaby while you’re at it?”- OMDQ

“There’s no way Stuart Scott had heard of Rodney Stuckey half an hour ago. Didn’t play in the ACC!”- Vegas Watch

“So you can rebound, have energy, can’t shoot, has energy, blocks and has energy…good pick?”- Lord Nero on Jay Bilas

“Is Acie Law the fourth crunk enough for the ATL?”- Statue Left

“He’s not a great shooter, but he can make shots.” (Jay Bilas)- Mookie

“Can’t shoot but has the ability to shoot..WTF is going on?”- Lord Nero

“So, Seattle now has Rashard Lewis, Wally Szerbiak (not really a SG), Durant, and Green playing the same position. Who do they think they are? Atlanta?”- Brave Sir Robin

“Did you see Durant’s info when he sat down with Stu Scott? Country: Texas. Living in Louisiana, I can tell you that Texas is a whole other country.”- Radioman

“I hear the guys telling me Micheal Conley’s like Tony Parker. He may have his handles, but he doesn’t have Eva Longoria, I’ll tell you that. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.” (Dickie V)- Jason

“Woody Paige is giving the rookie symposium talk right now in the green room with the players”- Statue Left

“Jay Bilas has been freaking out for the last hour about not being able to use the word “motor”.”- Bstone

“And is there going to be a Bucks Yi Jianlian commercial? Signs point to no. I’m expecting Larry Harris to be disappeared into a rural work camp by the weekend.”- Andrew

“Who is Adam Silver eye-f***ing every time he comes out to announce a pick? Is anyone else seeing this? Every time he comes out, he smiles and silently laughs with someone in the crowd…whoever it is, she is one lucky lady…that Adam Silver is a catch.”- Point 23

“What a sneaky little Greek (Giorgos Priinatataziziziz in the stands)! Maybe that’s who Silver was eyeing up…sure looked geeked to shake his hand.”- Point 23

“Must improve: not selling pot to cops”- Lord Nero

“KYRYLO FRESENKO- Must Improve: Vowels in first name”- Chris

Thanks again everyone, and we’ll do this again every Monday Night Football game this year.


2007 NBA Draft Live-Blog (Awful Announcing)


“For I am the People’s Princess!!!! JOAKIM!”

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