So the Florida Gators’ receivers call themselves the Goons after the Goonies. Why don’t you just call youself the Goonies? Because it’s their time up there…….it’s Florida’s Time…..It’s Florida’s Time down here.

14-7 Gators and they have a 3rd and Goal inside the five.

A made up Tom Petty song leads us back in……just in time for a Florida TD.

21-7 Gators. They are just destroying OSU’s defense….straight up.

“And now that 51 days comes into your mind”- BA, that it does Barry.

Chris Leak…..9/10, 99 Yards, 1 TD. Join the Black Parade.

Roughing the passer on the Gators as they try to even out the penalties. Ohio St. has to stay on the field to rest their defense…..just as I say this out loud, so does Barry Alvazrez. Thanks coach. Troy Smith is noticably laughing over center as he runs for a first down. Ted Ginn is getting his ankle wrapped accoring to the proposal ruiner Meyers.

Pittman runs through the Florida defense for an impressive answering score, and we’re going to take care of the over in the first half.

21-14…….everyone take a breath for me please. This is intense.

BJ said… So when does the awful gf get her own celebrity gossip sidebar?

Ha… think you’re so f’ing funny don’t you BJ?!?!?! Actually it starts tomorrow. It’s called “The Awful GF actually knows a lot about sports, but would never beat me in picks”

Speaking of the Goonies….WR Anthony Gonzalez looks like Sloth.

Crowd gets loud….and I think OSU’s defense will wake up this drive. Vicious stiff-arm by Wynn, but he’s knocked down behind the line. “Don’t let the frosting get in the way of the cake you’re trying to eat”- OSU Defensive Coor., yeah that motivates me like a fat kid love cake.

3rd down and 5, and Florida converts. Leak under pressure and he still gets it off. Leak gets hit on first down…..

“OH! That’s a pick”- ME
“Ha….okay.”- Roommate, as the ball lands in the first row of the crowd. As he continues to watch Rambo- First Blood without sound on the second TV.

Jenkins needs to step up, and he gets a tackle on the short screen. Another 3rd down for Fla……and finally OSU stops them. It was coincidentally (not really) the first third and long as well. OSU ball at the twelve and I have money on a commercial here……

AND YES! Another commercial.

One More Dying Quail said… Did I just hear someone say, “His arm got deflected”?

Oh you most certainly did……Chris Leak is just going ahead and throwing his arm WITH the ball. Bigger target to catch.

Ohio State just pounded the ball down the field with the run last drive, so what do they come out with????? Three straight passes……that’s just dumb play calling. Three and out, and a punt. Awful play calling.

“Ohio State showed blitz”- BA, sorry Barry but Ohio State’s defense was on the bench that last series. Nice try though. Commercial 12,123……


Florida has great field position again at their own 47. They try to run, and go nowhere. Wynn turns out to be from Cincy (Reading H.S…..Awful GF, have you heard of it?)……Tebow is on the field again. Tebow’s big-ass falls for four yards.

Wide-receiver screen and Harvey jukes a slow looking Animal and Hawk for seven yards. Back to Harvin again for another huge game. This zone defense has to go. It is not doing s***.

Can someone check Wikipedia/Google to see if OSU’s Gholston is the brother of the Redskins Gholston?

3rd and long……false start on the line. 3rd and 15 now. Watch the draw.

“Shaping out to what is going to be a wild game, and we will see if it plays out that way”- TB, Umm yeah…..we will. Thanks Thom.

Florida’s Awful kicker is in……and….he nails it. 1-10 from outside 30 yards this year…..make that 2-11.

24-14 Gators.

“Didn’t they make Waiting to Exhale in Arizona?”- CD, Charles…’re banned from making jokes the rest of the game.

If OSU doesn’t run the ball this series every down they are just stupid. And on que Pittman reels off nine.

Why would you go for that?????? That is just plain dumb. OSU is stuffed….I seriously thought they were trying to pull them offsides.

When you can’t stop a team on offense….you DO NOT go for it in your own territory. Bad bad bad call. At least run a QB rollout with the Heisman Trophy winner.


Well this is a Simmons kinda day…..I’ll bite. THIS IS OUUUUUUUUUURRRRR COUUUUUUNTRY!

Hetland kicks again…….and nails it again.

27-14 Gators.

Wow……The Heismann winner fumbles the ball, and the Florida fans look confused???? Why are they holding their heads it’s Florida’s ball at the 5. This looks bad for OSU. Tebow short on two QB sneaks…..Leak will come back in for the third down pass.

“Come on Buckeyes”- Little Girl in the stand who looks like she’s going to cry.

Tebow on the fake sneak…..the suddenly crappy Bucks defense bites, and the finger-pointing begins. TD FLA.

It will be 34-14 at half, and the world (and the Awful GF) is stunned…..I’ll turn off bold now.

Great….Habitat for Humanity will have a special presentation at halftime. I’ll see you at 11pm.

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