Well it’s been awhile since yours truly has done a live-blog, so I’m hitting you with a ton this week. We’ll (I’m assuming one of my many fabulous helpers will join in) be giving you a few games this Championship Week leading up to the “My hands are Going to Fall Off” Tournament on Thursday (actually Tuesday night).

The ultimate goal is to have a thread for every single matchup, so you jokers at work can know what’s going on. I will be doing a heck of a juggling job (not a dirty term…I promise) that day, and I’ll certainly have a massive amount of help. I have also spent countless hours perfecting the collapsible post, so you won’t have pages and pages of Live-Blog goodness if you don’t want it.

The particulars will all be worked out next Monday, but in the meantime you get some hot steamy LB action from yours truly starting tonight!

VCU-George Mason at 7pm (ESPN)
Gonzaga- SantaClara at 9pm (ESPN)

In my opinion, nothing beats this time of year. If you were here for the College Football Bowl Games then you know what I’m talking about (and what to expect). Also, if you are interested in Live-Blogging a Championship Week, or NCAA Tourney, set of games just email me at AwfulAnnouncing@Gmail.com.

The fun begins tonight as George Mason tries to become last year’s George Mason. See you then! (Well I’ll be back later today, but I’ll see you then too. Or I’ll see you, see you…..nevermind….just keep hitting refresh)

P.S.- Starting on the left (front row), and working our way back: No, No, No, No, No, No, Maybe

P.P.S- If you ever wondered what AA, RUTS, Extrapolater, Marco, Sam T, Signal to Noise, and OMDQ looked like when live-blogging a game just refer to the photo above.

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