So we move away from the debacle that was the Haier Shooting Stars Competition, and onto the Skills…..the Blue Man Group plays us in.

Lebron up first…..and he is SLOW, but under control.

“If this was a real game he’d be going much faster than this”- Reggie Miller, Um thanks Reggie.

Chris Paul clocks in at 39.6……Lebron has 35.4. Kobe up next…..D-Wade after that. Kobe clocks in at 27 secs and my boy CP3 is out of it. D-Wade needs 35.3 to advance. He gets it and it’s D-Wade v. Kobe in the finals. I’m pretty bored.

“I didn’t make a pick. I’m just lucky to get a word in.”- Steve Kerr, Seriously Kenny and Reggie won’t shut up.


D-Wade sets the mark at 26.4, and Kobe is done. Crown his ass……Crown Dwayne Wade. Kobe should have broke out a massive dunk to end it, but he loses either way. D-Wade wins.

Cheryl Miller looks like Dolemite.

THE RACE IS HERE!!!! New thread.

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