Thanks for stopping by….I’ll probably just start out with quotes from the duo of Buck and McCarver but if you chime in….it could be so much more. I welcome your comments and disdain for FOX!

Who do you like tonight by the way….I’d love to know. AA is on the Sawx and Rutgers….hope I don’t jinx anybody.

FOX leads in with a Joe Torre segment. Of course the Yankees lead. I guess Joe Torre telling the Yanks to eff themselves is important, but I don’t care one bit. They then interview Matt Holiday which was obviously recorded at 1pm and is spliced like a mother. Joe Girardi….calm down.

2! 3! 4! Tessie!!!!! It’s go time Sawx Fans…..

So Beckett’s ex-Wife sang the anthem…..we couldn’t see that FOX? Damn you. The biggest F-You ever and there’s no evidence.

This is a game where Momentum is the Indian Monster (as opposed to Bucky’s green one).
Buck is a true artist in being succinct.
McCarver is way too didactic over nonsensical micro-analysis of “baseball strategy”.
The big picture is needed Tim. Go for it.
If the Indians grab a lead, it’s over. The Tribe then goes on to defeat the Momentum derailed Rockies.
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Stu Scott? Is that you and your poetry slam??? Beautiful.

1-0 Sawx on a Homer by Youk.

“Hammered….and I mean Hammered.”- Tim McCarver

Hi Tim! Good to have you.

“For the Red Sox it’s win or see you in Fort Meyers….that’s their Spring Training facility.”- Tim McCarver

Okay….go away.

“Manny Ramirez….15 straight games…..a hitting machine.”- Tim McCarver

What are you trying to tell me Tim? That Manny has a 15 game Post Season hitting streak….because that’s not even close to true. We’ll go with 8 considering that’s how many games they’ve played.

P.S.- Manny Ramirez runs like my grandmother. God I hate him. Someone just needs to nail him with a pitch tonight.

Really the keys to the game are that both teams should win? Thank you so much for that insight into the minds of these teams Mr. McCarver- Anon

Hi Tim!

And Joe Morgan on the radio said he doesnt think the Red Sox HAVE to win this game. I quote.

“I don’t believe this is a must win for the Red Sox. I mean, if they lose they go home, but” I was laughing hysterically.- rs27

Hi Joe!

Cabrera nails a single that Sizemore should have been sent on and I think Cleveland might be kicking themselves after that one. Of course neither Joe nor Tim mention this.

Cleveland ties it on a Double Play ball by Hafner. So instead of 1-0, a runner on first and no one out….you have a 1-0 lead, no one on….2 out.

I think my head may have just exploded after McCarver actually made two rational statements in the same game. First, he correctly used the term “small sample size” to describe Jacoby Ellsbury’s success against lefties, then he accurately called out Coco Crisp for taking strike three down the middle. I don’t think I’m prepared to live in a world in which Tim McCarver is a savvy baseball broadcaster.

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He’s batting 2 for 12……million.

Also, if Erin Andrews makes good on her threat to put on Gortex, I’m switching to baseball full-time.- Adam

Please elaborate….I missed that. Also, if I don’t really have the time to put everyone’s links with their names like usual. Put your website after your next comment so I can add them easier. You don’t have to do it everytime….just once. Thanks all.

Still 1-1….Top of the third.

Ken Rosenthal has should be on television like I have herpes….take that as you will.

“Guster on the bump!”- Anon

Great call! I missed it, but I’m happy with that type of lead-in/out.

“Someone in the Charles Schwab ad department must have really liked A Scanner Darkly.”- Kyle

Seriously. I hate that type of film….does it even have a name. I propose “sucks”.

“Those responsible for offering Torre a deal offered him a deal he COULD refuse…and he did.”- Tim McCarver

Godfather? Come on.

“By the way, here is a prediction. Feel free to only use this if I’m correct if you like: given Fox’s “subtle as a sledgehammer” musical cues, I predict we will hear one of two songs tonight during or after the 9th–“It Ends Tonight” by All-American Rejects if Cleveland wins or Daughtry’s “It’s Not Over” if the Sox pull it out. I just wanted to get that on the record early.”
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Erin (off camera, GAH!) said that it was getting nipply on the field (paraphrased, GAH!), and the impending weather (rain? cold? cold rain? She was off camera, so I was just half listening) could force her to put on a Gortex jacket (but didn’t make the requisite Costanza reference).- Adam

I would like video please….you know….for later.

Manny nails a homer which isn’t called. David Ortiz scores, and Manny………….Manny’s STILL ON FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

“What is Manny Ramirez doing at first base? I ask everybody that!”-Tim McCarver

This is the only time I will ever agree with you Tim. Ever. F’ing loser….he’s a waster of money. Look at that replay!

“It seems that the carom of the ball is more important….well obviously more important than where it landed. But the carom shows it didn’t get out…..I don’t think. The carom goes up….had the carom gone up it skips past the wall it appears to me”- Tim McCarver

WTF?!?!?!?!?! You don’t think???? The ball is on the field. It’s like he gets 2 seconds into a statement and completely forgets what he’s talking about.

“Stuff has been electric here for Beckett in the first inning.”- Joe Buck

Joe….ummm it’s the third. Make that the fourth.

2-1 Boston after three.

“Screw this game. I’m going to Philawareapragacago”- Joe

Joe wins just for spelling that out.

Lugo and Crisp ruin two “zero out” singles and all of Boston is calling them names right about now. Let’s just call them “not good”.

Yes, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver suck. They are doing for the ALCS what Jim Nantz and Phil Simms did for the last super bowl.- Anon

Ouch…Although that’s very harsh, I’m inclined to agree. Here’s the thing. What happens when the World Series is Cleveland-Colorado? How horrible will they be then when they don’t have the easy plot lines???

“Just for the record. The guy doing the bump music is a big Widespread Panic fan. Looks for 3 to 4 songs a night. Beats the hell outta Bon Jovi!”- Anon


“A little more UNH!!!- Tim McCarver

Never do that again. Ever.

2-1 Indians still and we’re halfway. Joe Buck tells us that there’s been 7 left on by the Sawx. They really seem to be on the brink of elimination don’t they?

“This city all lit up.”- Joe Buck

How many times has he said that this Series alone??? Give that up Joe. It just doesn’t work.

Whoa….Kenny Lofton and Josh Beckett go at it!!!! What the hell was that even about? FIGHT!!! Get the bugs involved! (Video Shortly if you missed it)

“6 in a row retired by Beckett. Check that – 10 in a row retired by Beckett. Third time’s a charm – 9 in a row retired by Beckett.”- Tim McCarver
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“Flipping to USF-Rutgers…am I the first to notice all the officials are using PINK whistles? Breast Cancer Awareness Month goes to the next level…is any other conference/sport doing this? Gotta say that’s pretty cool.”- Go Camels

“If the Indians end up winning this game, where do you set the over/under for paragraphs in which Simmons rants about Manny’s non-homerun? I’ll say 3.5.- Joe

I’m setting it at 5,001 words.

“I hate the Pats, but I hope for a couple more wins, just so they can get donkey-stomped by Bill’s hated Colts. He, Bish, and J-Bug will commit hara-kiri.”- Anon

Tonight’s word of the night……HARA KIRI!!!!!!!!! Winnah!

Oh yeah…’s still 2-1 and if it wasn’t for the fake fight this game would be the most boring game I’ve watched in quite some time. Purveyor of the High Life!!!

Here’s Your Josh Beckett-Kenny Lofton Fight Video Enjoy!

Do you think Beckett stiffened up on the bench?- Joe Buck

And I’m calling it a night after Eric Karros calls Julio Lugo….Jose Lugo….during the postgame show. I know it’s late Eric, but come on….

7-1 Red Sox.