The N.I.T. Final Four Announcing Team of Ron Franklin, Bill Raftery, and Fran Frischilla.

I normally can’t stand Fraschilla, but with those two guys he’s perfect. They had two pretty good games to call last night, and you should check them out in the Final on Thursday if you get a chance.

In related March Madness news…..Billy Packer is at it yet AGAIN! Apparently he thinks that Reyshawn Terry of UNC is soft…….And Rey-Rey don’t play that. Good thing UNC is out because Terry might have had some words with Packer.

(Side Note: Reyshawn Terry IS soft. He should be driving to the basket everytime he gets the ball. He would shoot 15 FTs a game if he did this, but he plays around the 3pt line…..and takes horrible shots)

(Side Note #2: I can’t believe I just agreed with Billy Packer.)

(Side Note #3: Here’s a shot from the stands during WVU’s buzzer beater last night. Clemson/WVU is going to be a great final)