I don’t even have words to describe how depressing this is, so I will just pass along what I’ve learned. FOX wants to give our friend Joe Buck a Late-Night Talk Show. Not only that, but they’ve already completed the pilot to pitch to FOX execs. According to sources close to the situation the idea recently came about when noodling on Jay Leno’s retirement and Conan’s move to the 11pm slot. There seems to be opportunity there to finally compete in the Late Night Arena for FOX’s and their first and only choice was Buck.

Here’s the info I could find on a Broadcasting and Cable……

Fox is considering a weekly, half-hour late-night show hosted by its lead sports personality. The network’s entertainment division just quietly completed a pilot for the show in New York.

The format currently under consideration would include both interviews and comedy and be set in front of a small studio audience.

Yes, that’s right…..comedy folks. From what I gather this won’t even be a Sports-based show, FOX is making Joe Buck into the next Leno right before our eyes. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming sooner.

If this does come to fruition, and you watch this show……you are dead to me. We need to destroy this monster before it even rears its ugly, unfunny, and smug head.

On the brightside, maybe this will get him out of the booth for good.