I’ve had a ton of great ideas for the site…you know the massive collective live-blogs, the caption contest (where you win nothing!), and the Blogger’s Mock Draft. I’m pretty much a genius if you ask me.

Well there were a few ideas that never panned out, and this is one of them….

Any Guesses? (November 3, 2006)

The plan was to write as another person for a day, but it turned out pretty darn awful. How is that interesting at all? This is what spawned out of that crappy idea….

World Series More Like World Bories
Improper Touching
NBA: The NoDoubt Boring Association

I was supposed to be Skip Bayless who at the time wasn’t even writing for ESPN.com anymore, and had gems like this….

You know who I identify with? Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. Those are true blooded Americans who tell it who it is without fear of looking dumb. Like when Rush said that Donovan McNabb was an awful QB and was only praised because the media wanted a black QB to succeed. He was spot on.

Oooooh! I was edgy back in Ought Six!!! The funny thing is that Skip is pretty far from the racist that Limbaugh is….a hack yes, but not the bigot I portrayed him as.

Yep, that was bad.

(P.S.- Keep the roast emails coming…they are cracking me up, and I’ll put a post up with some of them at the end of the day.)