On the whole Barkley was pretty good…..and damn funny. There were a couple of spots where he made mistakes, and at times it seemed like he was actually openly rooting for the Lakers. You could also tell he was getting on Marv’s nerves near the end of the game. It was apparent that Chuck didn’t have a stat sheet in front of him, and asked Marv what Bynum’s FT% was twice within the span of a minute (Marv had even said it about 10 seconds before Barkley asked him the second time).

For his first time though he seemed pretty comfortable, and even joked that he was taking Steve Kerr’s job by calling him Wally Pipp. Good times…..here are the highlights with first half stolen from the MJD over at NBA Fanhouse (I told you last night they’d have them. Little did I know he was living-blogging that shiz. Curse you MJD…..curse you and your never sleeping/hard working ass)

1st Half:

“You gotta like a guy named Douby.”- CB

“I hate to be redundant … Marv, that means I’m repeating myself …”- CB
“Excellent. Thank you.”- MA

“I wish we could get a stat on shots inside the paint. I bet you 24 of 28 points have come in the paint”- CB, only funny because on the last possession he said Brian Cook “Has made about 6 outside jumpers in a row”. Auburn was not really a “Math School”.


Kenny really had nothing but good words, but did pick on him for the Math thing. The highlight was Chuck somehow starting a debate on who would win in a race….him or Referee Dick Baveta. Baveta came out at halftime and diagrammed how much he would beat Chuck by on a piece of paper. Too funny. Here are Chuck’s responses….

“I don’t care where you get a 67 year old from I’ll beat him”- CB

“I’d pay to see that”- MA
“Maybe cause you old and you old guys like to stick together”- CB

“First of all, if I talk to a 67-year-old man, he’s not gonna be able to hear me.”- CB

2nd Half:

“Steve I’m just wondering if you’re going to be Wally Pipp….i like working with Marv better than Kenny and Ernie”

“And Radmonovic and whoa I don’t think that’s his shot”- MA
“I don’t think that’s anyone’s shot”- CB

“Just cause it’s the rule doesn’t mean it’s a good rule”- CB
“Do you want to change the rule tonight”- MA
“Well no, but that’s a dumb rule”- CB
(on the 1 + the ball rule if you foul before the inbounds)

“Pressure is the great equalizer….sometimes when I’m standing over a big putt I nail it….but I’m retired from golf.”- CB

“Who gets up at 10 o’clock when they’s retired?”- CB, talking about him meeting with Marv and TNT at 11am

“What’s Kobe for tonight on the line”- CB
“Remember when I asked you what Kobe was for the night”- CB
“And I had told you a second before?”- MA

And finally…..my top three…….

“That 90% doesn’t mean nothing when you have a tight sphincter”- CB, taking about Kevin Martin missing a FT near the end of regulation

“The Nets are like the Democrats….they don’t win even though the rest of the division sucks”- CB

“Dick is probably flustered…..when he was born this was black and white…..he had a stagecoach when he was little”- CB, making fun of Dick Bavetta while he was checking a replay.

Overall it was great. I leave you with this quote from MJD’s live-blog

“You know, I’d liveblog anything Charles Barkley does. I just want to follow him around and blog it. That’s the job I want. I want to liveblog Charles Barkley.”

Amen MJD…..Amen. Check the videos below of the Dick Baveta Challenge and the Douby comment.