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Boxing lost one of the toughest fighters in recent memory on Saturday when Arturo Gatti dropped a seven-round decision to Alfonso Gomez and announced his retirement from the sport. Though boxing retirements rarely stick – I believe it was Rocky Balboa who said that fighters can’t just turn “it” off and on as they please; they HAVE to fight – I hope for Gatti’s sake that this is it. He is 35 years old, has absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment throughout his career, and should make an effort to get out while he still has his health.

Follow along after the jump to view some of Gatti’s work. It’s not his best, in my opinion – that honor goes to the epic trilogy against Mickey Ward in 2002-03. Three of those rounds are available below (last video), but the clip I wanted, the one I posted on One More Dying Quail a couple of months back, has been pulled from YouTube. We’ll just have to make do with Floyd Mayweather (2005) and Oscar de la Hoya (2001).

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