I’m am so sick of Mary J. Blige……can we just get to the good part of this night. Actually sorry….we just saw it. The video from the race will be up shortly……and guess what? I figured out the brightness thing! What a night…..I hope you’re having fun.

So the odds are with Agent Zero in this one…..I’m on the sleeper Mike Miller.

Kapono up first……Puts up a great number of 19

Signal to Noise said…The Blue Man Group is either waving around faux light-sabers or phallic replacements. Not sure which there.

Seriously….enough of BMG.

My boy Mikey Miller puts up 18 after starting slow.

What in the hell are the announcers talking about during Terry’s run?……he puts up 10 and will be done for the night.

Usher, Queen Latifah, Dave Winfield, Penny Marshall, and David Miller (according to the Awful GF…..pretty sure it was Dennis Miller)……..the A-Crowd is out for tonight’s festivities! And to think that Jacko couldn’t get a seat.

Pretty sure that Barkley added Bavetta to his T-Mobile Top 5 after that make-out session.

I hope Damon Jones gets zero….I hate him. 15…..he’s in third. Gil is up next.

HIBACHI!!!! 23…..two off the record.

“He’s got a good stroke going”- RM, thanks again Reggie.

Dirk is up….and I need him to get less than 18. And the dirty German kicks out my boy Miller with a 20. Kapono, Arenas, and Dirk in the Finals. Kapono looks like he’s straight from the Jersey Shore.

Kapono gets 24 and sets a pretty damn high mark.

If Reggie Miller says….”Set the Bench Mark” one more time I’m throwing the remote through the screen

Dirk= 10

Game Over….Kapono wins it as Agent Zero puts up half of his shots one-handed. Somewhere Deshawn Stevenson is crying. Two competitions……2 Heat Wins.

Jason Kapono makes fun of Shaq, and he’ll most likely get f’ed up at practice next week.

“What is it about UCLA and the 3-point shooter”- Cheryl Miller
“It must be in the genes”- Kapono

See you in a new thread for the dunk contest.