So I know I’m about 5 days behind, but I wanted to throw a Bermanism out there for everyone to enjoy.

Last Thursday’s Yanks v. W.Sox game had the honor of being Announced by Mr. Berman and one Buck Martinez. That’s right Buck “I ruined your World Baseball Classic Pool by coaching Team USA to a loss against Canada” Martinez.

Us few O’s fans left know Buck well since he occasionally does the local broadcast.

Anyways, Buck isn’t that bad, but he was the perfect catalyst for the insane Berman. Including at one point Martinez leading Berman to this gem:

“Not such a good pace to this game”- BM
“Pace? Need a pacemaker.”- CB

Umm, yeah. Let’s see….That’s not an actual sentence. He said it like PootieTang which was even more odd….Whadahta.

We move to later in the game, and Berman is talking with Buck about the NL West:

“That NL West…’s a Bob Seger special…..Turn the Page”- CB

What in the hell does that mean???? Someone please tell me.

But my personal favorite (and perhaps my favorite of all-time) was made in response to Javier Vazquez struck out Jason Giambi on a curveball…….

“Vazquez is the little girl with the curl.”- CB

First, I don’t think Vazquez would like to be called a girl, but hey I could be wrong. Second, seriously…..I know I asked this a second ago….., but WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?!?!

Does ESPN even care anymore?

P.S.- If anyone has audio of this I will give you free posts for a week!!!!

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