Instead of live-blogging the MNF game I’m going to be doing a pseudo live-blog of all the night’s action. Here’s where I’ll be…..chime in if you please.

Starting around 6/7PM- Maui Invitational- Purdue/GT, Duke/Airforce, DePaul/Kentucky, and UCLA/Chaminade (ESPN), Is it just me or does the Maui never disappoint?

8pm- Winthrop/MD (Comcast), Dangerous game for MD. Watch for Winthrop to go zone and force MD to shoot jumpers

All NBA Action (League Pass)

830pm- Monday Night Football….Giants/Jags.

See you tonight.

Good evening. I’m on AIM tonight at AwfulAnnouncing. If you catch something from the Announcers that I don’t, or you just want to talk sports. Send something my way.

I don’t know the right way to say this, but Rick Majerus has gotten so fat that you can’t understand a word he says. I’m no slender cat myself, but when your jowls stop you from doing your job…..cut back on the Krispy Kremes a tad.

Also, the Bobcats have new jerseys…..they don’t look too bad. They get to show them off to the Mavericks and the 3,000 in attendance this Monday night.

“Pac Man Jones…..he could eat all the Dots!!!!!”- Chris Berman, oh god….this is how we are starting the night?

Great Dickie V is on the Duke game tonight…..GT easily dispatches of Purdue. The kid Kramer on Purdue impressed me in the 10 mins I watched.

P.S.- Dorris Burke is there as well……..YES!

Wow Jake Voskhul is still employed……that’s nice.

Side note: I cannot stand Greg Paulus. If I hear that he has a “football mentality while on the court” one more time….I swear…..

One of the Dallas Announcers just started doing a Marvin the Martian impression……pretty solid.

I hate watching the Rockets play, but Yao is becoming a stud. He has one hell of a jumper.

Don’t know how I went the whole day without seeing that Andre Waters committed suicide, but that sucks.

Stats on Monday Night Countdown as Tiki is warming up…….TDs in the past few years…..Yards in the past few years……Fumbles in the past few years…….Tiki has wrote 2 children’s books with his twin brother Ronde. Come on ESPN.

Side Note: Were you aware that Tiki Barber is retiring? I had no idea.

MNF starts……watching this game is going to test my patience as a sports fan because I could really care less about this thing.

3-0 Giants…..exciting stuff.

3-3…..I really have nothing to say. My heart isn’t in this at all.

Maurice Jones Drew told Suzy Kolber that his favorite player was Fred Taylor and that he used him in Madden all the time. Methinks that is a lie.

“This should either be an incompletion or a catch”- JT, on a review. Wow….I think I just got dumber. (Good lookin’ World Wide Reader)

“There’s Earnest Wiliford….his only problem is that he doesn’t have the seniority that Jimmy Smith had.”- JT, Umm what???? Is he serious? Wiliford can move the hands of time.

10-3 Jax.

Ronde Barber is good in the booth.

“You saw the touchdown where Garrard had all that energy. When he…..pointed towards the heavens.”- TK, You’re a writer we know. But there’s no need for that embellishment in the booth.

Tirico asks Ronde about the Elisha Manning pickle and Joe Theismann completely interupts him when he was talking about the coverage.

Ronde has been in the booth for about 4 hours now. I think ESPN made an Executive Decision to keep Ronde in the seat because he’s better than all of them

“I appreciate you letting me steal some of your airtime”- RB

Halftime…..10-3 Jax. Shoot me.

13-10…Plax scores, and I’m done. I can’t watch this crap, and I hope that you can’t either. MNF is done as we know it.

One more…….”As you know from last week one play can make the difference. The 3rd and 22 and the FG”- MT, Go to hell ESPN……seriously.

Sorry just can’t get away…..

“He’s the most natural ball catcher on this team”- JT on Matt Jones, Joe…….HE WAS A QUARTERBACK IN COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is he the most natural receiver on the team?!?!

Jesus Christ…..please fire this guy. Please.