Okay, before I get into this I have to preface it with a disclaimer. I really can’t mention any names (but it will be evident who I’m talking about) because this story is a unsubstantiated rumor. Now that we’ve got that out of the way……check this out……

The major rumor/story out of the DC/Baltimore Metro area is that a certain Football player, a first ballot Hall of Famer (Hint #1: He plays Defense), has been keeping some secrets from his family and us.

Said Football player has moved out of his Owings Mills, MD home (where just his moms lives now) and has rented a small apartment closer to the stadium he plays in (Hint #2: It’s not Fed Ex Field). Why do you ask? (Here’s the good part)……

Mr. ______ has alledgedly fathered 10 children with 9 different women in the area since moving into town after he was drafted. Now it was no secret that he had multiple children but, that is far beyond Shawn Kemp territory, and the crazy thing is that NO ONE was even aware of this. Not his Mom, Family, Baby’s Mamas (perhaps one of the reasons he asked to be traded)

Whom is my source you ask? Well let’s just say he once played football with Mr. ______ in college. (Hint #3: Sunshine State)

I will provide more details as I find them out, but I will say this…..kids or not the man once bought me an entire bottle of grey goose at a club in DC one time. That my friends is a good man…..whether he’s been pulling hit and runs on these women or not.

P.S.- There’s one more hint in there somewhere…..can you find it? Good luck, and more to come.

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