Okay, you all know I hate Tim McCarver, but seriously could the guy be any worse? Even Joe Morgan and Joe Theeeesman can get something right now and then, but Timmy Mc is dreadful. Steve Lyons is like Vin Scully compared to him. Combined with the smug dick Buck (Dick Buck…great Pornstar name) the result is just dung. I can’t even listen to the game.

Well my favorite Tim moment is when he messes up names constantly. He mixed up Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran numerous times, but the worst had to have been calling Albert Pujols…..

LUIS PUJOLS!!!!!!!!!

That is inexcusable….I’m sorry. It’s not like he mixed up Luis and Adrian Gonzalez. Hell…There’s not even a guy named Luis on either f’ing team!!! For other gems head to the site above…..Shut Up Tim McCarver.

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