So while going through my old posts to put the links back up I noticed that I apparently don’t know how to spell. (Shame since I’m such a fabulous writer) Annnnnyways, here are the things that I’d like to touch on….followed by some links (because I’m lazy today).

1) The Wizards decided to not match the Knicks offer for Jared Jeffries. Thank God! I’ve despised him since he got drafted, but turned around a little on him after two good playoffs. Still, 5 years at $30 million is a lot for a guy that averaged 6.3 pts and 4.9 rebs last year. Thanks Isiah!!!

2) had commercials during the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday. This Fantasy thing is getting out of control, no? Oh well, I’m not going to stop playing.

3) Speaking of fantasy….Mike Shanahan is the fantasy football Nazi. He is starting undrafted Mike Bell currently instead of Tatum Bell or Ron Dayne.

4) The Flava of Love is the best show on television. I mean where else can you see a fight in the first 5 mins. of this girls meeting each other AND have someone take a dump on the stairs? Where I ask you?

5) Bill Simmons Review coming either tonight or tomorrow…’s a small taste from the mailbag:

Let’s see, in the past two months, you embraced soccer, created an Us Weekly fantasy league for women, were called a “hero” by Mark Cuban and complained about two American institutions: fantasy football and Vegas. What day is your surgical procedure that officially makes you a woman? I want to make sure I send you a card.

— Bill Simmons, Los Angeles

SG: Just wanted to beat you guys to the punch.

Hey, at least he knows. And this wasn’t the only comment that told him he sucked.


Maybe Next Year tells us that Owners are going downhill.

Fire Joe Morgan is having a contest for the best made up Joe line at the LLWS. Good stuff.

The Roscoe Report has a nice comparison here. I’m a sucker for Real World vs. Road Rules posts.

WBRS Sports shows us how we can “Learn to be a Jackass”. I’ve already signed up.

Thunder Matt’s Saloon is doing a great job of giving it to Colin “I’m a douche” Cowherd. By our powers combined Simmons and Cowherd will get their “Upcomance” (I think I just made that word up)

Life on a Bench shows us who the winners and losers were at the Trade Deadline. Funny stuff.

P.S.- I’m not sure what that square box is on the right there, but it looks cool and things rotate. I hope it doesn’t distract you. And I added the picture because the post looked so empty…..LOOK OUT BITCH!

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