So today is video day at AA. I don’t have anything to write on Sunday Night Football and while I did watch the Yanks destroy the Sawx bullpen I don’t feel like commenting on that either (because I would spend an hour bitching about Sox fans and how whiny they are. I’ll save that until Simmons writes his article).

What I do want to comment on is the Teen Choice awards that aired last night. I am comfortable enough in my Manhood to tell you that I watched a good portion of this trainwreck. Complete with made-up awards, awkward moments (Nick Lachey won for best love song while Jessica was hosting), and a performance by the one and only K-FED!!!!!!! Well my sleuthing has found the video on YouTube, and if you haven’t seen this…….take a deep breath, say a prayer, and press play. I cannot wait to find the lyrics online!

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