Just wanted to throw in a few more comments on Michelle Wie….

While I’ve been known to fly off the handle on her because she has yet to win an LPGA event…(and Golfers like Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel continue to out-shine her) The real issue is that I believe making a cut for a Men’s Tournament isn’t really that big of a deal. As was said on the SportsPickle.com, “You are basically telling her that being a little better than bad is good.” So I think I need to redirect my spite towards the Almighty Sports Media.

Let’s think about this for a second….1) Michelle Wie seems to make this her personal mission. She keeps trying to qualify for all of these men’s tournaments (mostly in Japan) and every year tries to make a Men’s Major (and fails). 2) The media goes crazy about this and drives her to even more attempts. 3) She only competes in a few Women’s Tournaments and continues to not win. 4) Sergio Garcia knocks her up at 22. 5) She’s out of golf for 4 years as she decides to go Britney and raise her daughter Princess Wei. 6) Tries a comeback and is destroyed by a field of Japanese Amateurs. 7) Becomes a spokeswoman for an awful Energy drink in Tokyo.

Some Quotes:

“Wie’s presence in men’s tour events and her attempt to gain entry to the U.S. Open has been met with skepticism from male pros around the world. Recently, European Tour member Jean Van de Velde said, ‘I have no objection to Michelle Wie or any other women playing in our tournaments so long as we are allowed to play in theirs. And, yes, I’m ready to play in a skirt.’”

The 17-year-old Morgan Pressel took this shot at 16-year-old Michelle Wie during this morning’s Fields Open conference call. “I don’t think she needs an exemption. I’ve been through qualifying. Everybody who doesn’t make it on the money list, other amateurs, other professionals that aren’t members of the tour, they all have to go through qualifying, too. I don’t see why she shouldn’t, or why she should be afraid, or expect an exemption.”

Oh Snap!!! Go ahead Morgan.

This pattern tells me that Michelle Wie will be a has-been in about 6 Years. And she also looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan and has no personality whatsoever. Wait….maybe I do hate her??? (Okay give her a break, she’s only 16) No, no one deserves a free pass. (She is a beautiful, budding athlete that will be a great golfer one day) F-that. (Just give her time to grow as a woman and an athlete) Like my man Theodor Capitani Vonkurnatowski (Theo Von from Road Rules) once said, “Women belong in the kitchen because they are born genetically carrying milk and eggs, ladies you’re just an omelet with a hairdo and a shoe obsession.”

As you can see I’m still conflicted….I’m stoked for the NBA Finals….so a ton of talk about that in the coming weeks.