Simmons is off to the movies! YAY! (and it appears to be with his new friend to the left)

Good thing since the Red Sox are collapsing. Anyways, I’m not going to really review this article because it was way too long and way too boring. Also, it’s pretty tough to read the ass kissing of the Invincible movie, and his enjoyment of the Devil Wears Prada, as well. I’ll just give it a two out of five and move onto the real reason I started this post.

I happened to see an *ahem* “Advanced” Screening of a movie that is so f’ing terrifying that I had to pimp it in this blog. Said movie is “The Descent”, and when I say terrifying I mean “F’ed up beyond belief to the point I had to leave the room twice”.

Side Note: I’m a pretty big wimp when it comes to horror movies, and most if not all scare me in some way. Actually if you ask my roommates I act like a twelve year old girl. But I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that.

Moving on….the movie centers around 6 Female Speulunkers (the only reason I know that term is from Where in the USA is Carmen San Diego on the Commodore 64). Without giving too much away, the group runs into a “tad bit” of trouble. But besides the moving scaring the “S” out of you it’s got a really good back story and the cinematography is amazing (especially since 70% of the movie if filmed inside a cave).

The version I saw was the UK version, and see this if you can because the ending is different than the U.S. Although I read the US version only differs in one small instance.

If you like scary movies this thing is a 10 out of 10, but if movies like “The Ring” or “Cabin Fever” scared the crap out of you then this thing is like a 20 out of 10. In fact this movie freaked me out more than both of those combined. Including the first real terrifying part where I ran behind the couch. I can’t even imagine what this movie is like in the theatre (wait I’m I giving too much away here?) Enjoy it!

The Descent
2) Talladega Nights
3) Step Up (I hope you realize that this is a joke, but some anonymous commenter will make fun of this…..which could be fun. Please do.)

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