The Good:

Giving the nod to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms here. They are easily developing into my favorite team out there. Nantz is always spot on and I think I only hated on Simms because he was an ex-Giant. The Pit/Atl matchup was the first game of there’s I’ve gotten this year, and for a game that was that long they did wonderful.

The Bad:

Brad Sham and Brian Balldinger are just dreadful. They would have been in the Ugly category, but we have a permanent reservation there through the World Series for our baseball friends. With that said, B & B used a Mr. Wizard esque experiment to show you how hot it was in TB on the field. The props…..a cheesesteak and a block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Here are some quotes:

“Cream Cheese has 1/3 less fat.”- Baldinger
“That’s going to be important today”- Brad Sham
Important for what Shammy? The players or your stupid experiment. By the way….the block of cream cheese only slightly had started to melt by the 4th quarter. Just show us the thermometer on the field and McNabb puking and we’ll get it.

“A true Mail Carrier….he’ll get stronger as the day goes on”- Baldinger, ????

“What an adjustment by Paris Warren……..Is Paris Burning?”- Brad Sham, Probably not because it’s his first catch of the season.

Couple other Bad(s) over the Weekend:

“Dominique Douglas looking like Dominique Wilkins early”- Brad Nessler, he was comparing an Iowa Football receiver to a HOF Basketball player.

“Wow and Portis takes a helmet to….well you know where. He is just too big….”- Troy Aikman, Portis took a helmet to his junk and Phil Simms was trying to explain that he was too big for his team to lose him, but it didn’t come out that way. Funny stuff.

“Troy Polamalu on the stop…..he just rams it up in there”- Phil Simms, not sure what he was ramming there Phil???

The Ugly:

Well the Ugly is Tim McCarver and Joe Buck (and Zelasko, Kennedy, and Byrnes)….separate post on them in an hour. Too many awfuls over two games to not give them their own post. See you in a few, and don’t forget about our Live-Blog of the MNF game tonight! Boys and G-Men….be there.