Warning: These are two of the most ridiculous chats ever. I don’t even have words to describe the second one. Just read through and head to the comments. Let’s get out of 2005 as quickly as we can.

Bayless’ Chat Archive

Mikhail (Portland, Maine): The words “Skip You Suck”. This is somethig you hear fairly often if I’m too assume correctly?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I do here this quite a bit from people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

Suuure Skip….we don’t know what we’re talking about.

Woody (NYC): I think you are a moron, and its embarassing how I dominate you on First and 10 every day on Cold Pizza. Do you even watch the sports you try to discuss?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: You are my daddy, Woody. And you’re certainly old enough to be my daddy.
Whoa…I knew there was “chemistry” between those two, but Wow!

Greg: Newark, NJ: Skip, it is obvious that you are obsessed with TO. Otherwise why would you spend so much time writing about someone you claim to loathe? So admit your obsession and stop trying to create buzz to have him traded back to the bay area so you can be closer. It’s sad really, like the 5th grader who punched the girl in his class because he liked her. Is your lambasting of Owens just your way of flirting? But seriously, I have two questions for you. What sport did you ever play on any competitive level that has given you such a high horse to sit on regarding how athletes should act, and secondly are you aware that 99.9% of the United States (and ESPN viewers) does not share a coastline with San Francisco Bay? By the way, Marvin Williams is the best player in the draft so stop talking about the high school kid.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I live in New York City, and Gerald Green will wind up being a better pro than Marvin Williams, who looked awfully unsure of himself in the national championship game. And don’t give me that “Look what I found” tip-in.

Okay, I’ll be honest with you…..that chat was boring. I just picked the bash Skip questions out. The article was about how Steve Nash shouldn’t be MVP. I just don’t care about that anymore, and I really wanted to get to the “Crazy” article.

Football Isn’t Just for Kicks

I don’t even have words to describe this article and this chat. This is where Skip alienated any reader he ever had or will ever have with this……let’s get into it.

“But Vinatieri and Akers still aren’t football players. They’re merely the best of the worst aspect of any team sport. Football would be a much better game without field goals or PATs. Go ahead: Tell me I’m wrong.” Don’t worry Skip….SportsNation will. I’m not commenting on these…..I’m just going to let you bask in Skip’s greatness.

Tim (Boston): Skip, C’mon this is a little ridiculous. I am pretty tired of you trying to stir the pot. Talk about something relevant. They must have been desperate on the Show today.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I’m also sick of idiotic readers who claim I’m just trying to “stir the pot.” I’ve said and written this for years, and I’m right about it. But as I also wrote, if you’re from Boston, as this guy is, you don’t want to hear this because you have the greatest clutch kicker ever in Vinatieri — who’s the best of the worst aspect of any team sport.

Kevin (Havertown, PA): So punting would be OK, but place-kicking would not ? So now special teams are only used for part of the game, not all ? That’s like saying the DH hits in innings 1-5 and the pitcher bats the 6th through the 9th Skip. Not consistent = bad. You’d also take away every Patriots’ Super Bowl win and 40% of their overall victories the last 4 yeatrs. Overall, not a good idea.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Punting and kicking off don’t impact the scoreboard. They’re essential aspects of field position and punting, as I wrote, requires more athletic ability and skill and football IQ. Remember, DHs are still hitting and relief pitchers are still pitching.

Drew (Georgia): Skip, I love the idea. Free up a couple of roster spots for real players. Let’s test it in the pre-season next year!

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Thank you, Drew. Of the many e-mails I’ve received, about two out of 10 really, really get the concept and are as strongly for it as so many pea-brains are against it.

James (Westfield, NJ): Skip, a quick question. How long were you in the hospital after that horse kicked you in the head when you were a kid?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: P.T. Barnum was right.

Donald (Lynchburg): ONLY ONE WITH A SPECIALIST? What on earth do you call a closer in baseball who has um, nothing to do with batting and plays a very small portion of the game. Oh, and he does help determine the outcome of the game. KEEP IN THE STARTERS!!!

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Here’s another sports idiot.

What is a closer doing? He’s PITCHING. Last tme I checked, that was a key aspect of actually playing baseball.

A three-point specialist in basketball is required to play some defense and maybe even pass or dribble. That’s called playing basketball.

A kicker doesn’t even practice with the team. Only rarely is a kicker called upon to get in a returner’s way, if he has broken away, and most won’t even try that.

Andrew (PA): Skip, your comment that “real football players play NFl and college football” reeks of the ignorance and arrogance that many writers and sports fan take towards any sport they do not understand. Last time I checked soccer, or football to most of the world, was the most popular youth sport in the USA. I think you owe a few million soccer player around the world an apology. Not that I’d expect a high-falutin’ “personality” like you to stoop that low.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I don’t owe anyone in soccer an apology. I’ve always said it’s the best game for kids to play, because of all the running and full-body athletic movement required. But there’s a reason all the kids who play, and all the soccer moms and dads, won’t make pro soccer a big success in this country: It’s boring. I love the World Cup, but I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch a soccer match if you paid me.

Ryan (Canton, OH): I think you also need to apologize to the sports fans you keep calling idiots. Without them you’d be living in a box with your Journalism degree pinned on the side.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Another idiot.

Matt (Casper, WY): You have no right belittling these people, without them you’d be posting the box scores for the local little league in the SF Chronicle. I’m not going to call you an idiot, but the the truth is your job is to talk about sports. There are probably 50,000 other people who could sit on Cold Pizza and do a better job than you. The only difference between you and them is the fact you have a degree. You’ve never written anything that I respected. I read your columns only after I have read every other article on espn.com.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else who says I should be fired for writing what I believe. DON’T READ IT. Why waste your time? Nobody’s forcing you to read it. But deep down, you know I always give you my best shot, that I know what I’m talking about, and that I’ve never been afraid to tell the truth, as I see it. I don’t care if players or coaches buddy up to me and give me great interviews in exchange for me pulling punches when they deserve to be criticized. I would think intelligent readers would want to trust that a columnist is giving them his best, no-strings-attached shot.

Michael (Roanoke): Thats ok Matt, let him tick off the 7 people that actually watch Cold Pizza and then he will have no viewers

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Careful, Michael. Cold Pizza’s ratings have been sensational.

Scott (NY): Skip: I don’t always agree with what you say, but these guys have no right to attack you. They should get off the computer and get out of their parents’ basements.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Scott, your sentiment is the perfect way to end this chat. Thank you.

And thank all of you for reading and responding — even those born without brains.

Okay, now that we’ve gone through all of that I would like to say a few things. I was in this chat as it was taking place, and it was just plain shocking. How this guy did not get fired was and still is beyond me. Skip Bayless is a classless, no talent, pompous dick. With every other Announcer/Writer on this site there’s at least some level of respect and maybe some jealously, but I HATE SKIP BAYLESS. And if you don’t agree I feel sorry for you.

With that said, we’re coming into the present tomorrow with 2006. Excuse me while I throw up.

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