But he’s still a dick.

As far as the Bill Simmons’ Chat….there’s really only one response to post.

Josh (Indy): What happened to your old intern, Kevin Cott?

SportsNation Bill Simmons: He graduated from law school and just took the bar… I am trying to get him to start his own sports blog. I have this great idea for him – instead of writing columns and testing the limits of his talents, he can just sit back and post snarky comments all day about other people’s columns. I think this could work.

Oh he’s aware….he’s aware. Does testing the limits of your talents involve a game of mad libs? Or going through older Mad Libs changing a few nouns and verbs and sending them out to the masses? It does?!?! Okay then, tomorrow I’m starting the Skip Bayless posts all over again.

“You’re a public figure. When you screw up, people are going to write about it. Get over yourself.” – Bill Simmons, Jan. 17th 2006

Anyways, today was a crazy day. Back tomorrow with some fresh meat: Tuesday Morning Quarterback (okay everyone….you will only hear this once…..are you ready??? You were right….his column is pretty good if you have 4 hours to kill) and Scoop Jackson (It’s okay that I make fun of Scoop Jackson right? Good.).

(Update: The title of this post should actually read T.O. Did Not Attempt Suicide. I think it’s actually more funny this way though.)

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