Just a quick post today. We (I) here at AA think we’ve spent almost too much time on Bill Simmons and not the rest of the world. So from now on you are going to get some other writers mixed in (Mariotti, Scoop Jackson…if I can bear to talk about tennis, and perhaps Peter King) as well as a regular feature on Mondays called the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

You may remember (or not) back to the day after the NBA Draft where I put together all of the best, worst, and god awful quotes from everyone on hand. (View it here.) Well now that Football is in full swing we’re going to give you a recap of your Announcing weekend every Monday. And then that night we will Live-blog the MNF game (if you would like to guest live blog….i.e.- Do my job for me….then just send an email).

So we hope you enjoy your New & Improved Mondays here at AA, and also be aware that the Simmons Reviews will continue. They may not be as frequent, but you will definitely get the Sports Guy vs. Gal reviews at the beginning of the week as well. Onto the links…..

I’m bringin’ Linky back
You other links don’t know how to act
If that’s your link you betta watch your back
Cuz my links is burnin’ up for me and that’s a fact
(Take em’ to the Links!)

Jay The Joke. Mariotti’s at it again.

The Basketball Jones has a great Office outtake.

Fan IQ is taking on the experts. It’s about time.

The Big Lead is all over the cuts at Page 2.

Fire Joe Morgan is never not wrong.

Mondesi’s House has an interview with the best cover band of all time.

Gentrifried Rice has a nice homage to a great band.

The Gatorade Dump Asks, how do you spell relief? B-R-A-N-C-H.

Thunder Matt is onto the Left Fielders.

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