So there is no Awful Announcer for today because I didn’t get to watch the game with sound. (I was at a bar all night…on a Tuesday for some reason?)

I did want to bring up a point on that final inbounds play though. Why the hell is Dirk throwing that in?!?!?! If you are going to a backdoor alley oop play, shouldn’t he be in as a decoy? And shouldn’t you not (Yes I know that’s a double negative) throw it to the guy who is being defended by Wade who can jump through the roof? (maybe throw it against JWill [the awful defender not the autistic kid] or Gary Payton?

You see what you did Avery? You made me look like a fool for saying you were out-coaching Pat Riley, and now my ten readers think I have no credibility. (Also that collapse in the fourth ruined my prediction of a sweep, which in all actuality was a pretty dumb prediction.) (I really have to stop writing in parentheticals…’s making me read like Bill Simmons…..and that actually makes me nauseas.) Speaking of which….has he had a new column within the last three weeks? I need my diary of the Czech vs. U.S. game which took place three days ago, and stat! Come on Bilbo.

And lastly there is a HUGE rumor about JJ coming from FreeDarko. Please read for yourself.