Morning everyone, welcome to the Aftermath. So last night was crazy. I don’t remember the draft EVER going 5 hours before, but we made it. I’m sorting through all the comments and analysis while on 3.5 hours of sleep, so bear with me. Here’s the lineup for today:

  • Best Comments of the Night from you the Viewer
  • Best Comments of the Night from your Announcing Team
  • Draft Grades and Analysis

It’s going to be slow going today as I try to figure out these trades. I’m still reeling from the six Portland deals and Minnesota dealing away every player, and somehow ending up with Foye, Craig Smith, and some guy named Louuuuuuukas Mavrokefalidis. And don’t even get me started on the Knicks. One thing I didn’t notice, until I was looking at the photos, Will Blalock was at the event! And came on stage! How bad would it have sucked if he didn’t get selected?

Until later, I leave you with this It’s Marcus Williams Blog from the past week, and contains these gems.

  • “The most exciting part of the whole draft process is the first couple of weeks of tryouts. By now, it’s just a little tiring and I’m kind of ready to get it over with.” Good thing to say on when people are questioning your work ethic.
  • “I’ve made it! I’m officially a New Jersey Net. Even though I was picked 22nd, I don’t think everything is about the pick and what number you go. Chris Paul said something along those lines today. He said during last year’s draft, he thought he would go No. 2 to Atlanta, and he didn’t.” Right. You’re comparing a top five pick to yourself…someone who was projected 13-25. Perfect comparison.