Here at AA we like to let you vent…..we do it daily (well almost daily). Reader Justin is a KC Royals fan and I think he needs to get something off his chest.

“So I’m driving to class this morning, listening to Mike and Mike and as a tease before the break going into their last segment Greeny says something along the lines of “If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Royals, things just went from bad to worse…more on that next” then they went to break. The whole time I’m not listening to the commercials because I’m too freaked out that maybe one of their young hitters in the minors got clobbered with a pitch or something, but then thinking why in the HELL Mike and Mike would be talking about Royals minor leaguers. They come back from the break and talk about other stuff, then Greeny goes into his point about the Royals. The following is my paraphrasing:
“The Kansas City Royals and their fans have good news and bad news. They still have the worst record in baseball, but they have young talent on the way. However, the bad news is that the two leading candidates for the MVP awards are Carlos Beltran of the Mets in the NL and Jermaine Dye of the White Sox in the AL. Both of these guys were former Royals” and then Golic mumbles something about that stinking, Greeny follows with a comment about the Expos and all of their old players doing well after they left Montreal and then the show ended. Now, I live right on the state line between southern KS and MO and have been a Royals fan all of my 21 years (yes, I was born the summer of the I-70 Series). Anyone who has vaugely paid attention to the team in the last 8-10 years knows who these guys are and if you follow sports at all, you know these are two MVP candidates. THIS IS NEWS?!?!?! Thanks for making me want to stab you in the face with a dull rusty butterknife Mike…thanks a lot.”

Justin, I’m glad you got that off your chest, but ESPN and Greenberg still need you to buy his book. OBEY!

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