How come every time you come around
My Linky Linky Bridge want to go down
Like Linky Linky want to go down
Like Linky Linky be going down

Drinks start pouring
And my speech start slowing
Everybody start looking at yoooooou

So last night’s game was just fine Announcing wise. I took almost zero notes and just relished in the fact that we had two games in a row without Buck and McCarver. Soooo……I’m straight linkin’ it today and mailing it in. Enjoy your links sponsored by the Dutchess…..Oh Snap!

[P.S.- The following are the worst rap lyrics of all time……Papparazzi put my business in the news. And I’m gonna get up out my face (oh, shit) Before I turn around and spray your ass with mace (oh, shit) My lips make you want to have a taste (oh, shit) You got that? I got the bass]

Flash Warner has some insight on the new Jay-Z Video…….OH SNAP!

Free Darko has the YouTube of Jordan’s first 40 point game. You look Captain Marvel(ous)!……OH SNAP!

Mondesi’s House gets some mail……OH SNAP!

Off Wing Opinion has some insight into where the Pens might move……..OH SNAP!

The Pacifist Viking tells us what we know about the NFL.

Thunder Matt has an interview with a very important Redhead……OH SNAP!

OH SNAP! (Do you see how annoying that is Fergie?)

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