Sorry, after quoting the song it played in my head all night. Anywhere you go!….I’ll follow…..okay I’ll stop. Good game last night. It seemed extra long though. So what did we learn?

A) Rex Grossman is not a bad Quarterback. Or is he?
2) Marshall Faulk still wants to play for the Rams.
C) Joe and Tony haven’t heard of either Vince Young or Maurice Jones-Drew.
4) I wasn’t very original in calling Grossman….”Sexy” Rexy. (Oh well)
E) The Leader LOVES the Red Hot Chilli Peppaz!
6) There are a ton of Bears fans in the Lou.
G) Joe Theeeeesman thinks that Bulger is the most accurate QB in the league. (F-off Peyton)
8) Black Christmas is not a remake of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation starring Cedric the Entertainer.
I) Belushi thinks his an Iconic actor and likes the sauce.
10) Devin Hester is very very very fast.

So that was fun right? RIGHT?!?!?! Thanks to all who read, and a special thanks to those who commented.

For more on Rexy and the other starters in the league check out OMDQ’s case study in Rookie QBs. The Quarterback Question

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