Fun times last night. The commenters came to play last night and I appreciate it. Here is our tradition (if it can be called that after 4 months) of counting down the best of the best. We start with the comments and then later we’ll have the Announcers (and last night was almost as good as it gets). Here we go….websites are linked through the commenters names, so check out their sites.


Honorable Mention: days-e said…you’re going to miss the U2 encore rob i.
Anytime another commenter tries to convince someone to watch the halftime show is worth a mention.

5. Rob I said…Drew Brees just threw the Most Important Block by a Quarterback Ever. Man, this stuff writes itself!
It’s very true. I think the Boston Globe is hiring.

4. Jay said…Jeremy Shockey just called to say that the Falcons have been outplayed and outcoached in the first half.
Does anyone else have Lionel Richie stuck in their head right now?

3. Bender said…Spike Lee doesn’t care about Vick’s completion percentage.
They really didn’t talk much about the game when he was up there did they?

2. FuckingBrian said…Oh yay, we get to hear from Archie. He was just a spectacular NFL Quarterback. Can we stop that myth yet?
I agree. Archie was a horrible QB with good genes.

1. Jay said…Where the hell is Michelle Tafoya? Does she call it a night at halftime?
Seriously, where did she go? Did she pull a Joe Pa on us?

0. Rob I said…I think Roddy White just slipped on some human waste from….oh…too soon?
Too soon! Too soon! (Just kidding, I actually did a spit take on this one. But know you’re going to hell right? See you there.)

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