One of the best, or most entertaining, announcing jobs I’ve witnessed in a while. But the ESPN production again was plain awful. The fact that they had Ashton Kutcher pick up the helmet before the game was an insult, and they had 18 different employees on camera at one point in the game.

As far as the booth….I keep going back and forth on Tony K…….right now he’s past the 50 yard line (probably to about the opponents 39 yard line. Good analogy I know). But I can’t say whether Joe Theeeeesmann is killing them in these broadcasts, or adding to the overall experience. Color me confused….anyways here were my favorites (most from Joe).

“The toughest part was to scrub away the cess pool of human misery.”- Mark Schwartz
I don’t even think the devil should be allowed to say that.

“Scott Fujita- The Asian Assassin”- Mike McKenzie
No joke….I’ve been calling him that in Madden for 5 years now.

“Mike is close on him. This is snuggling.”-JT

“The Safties know that Vick Loves Crumpler”- MT
“AND the Saints know he likes Crumpler”- JT
This is classic Joe right here.

“This turf is going to be a problem all night. This turf is going to make receivers run with their bodies over their legs.”- JT
This was the running theme of the night for Joe. Tony kept trying to give him a chance to redeem himself, but of course, he had no idea what he was talking about.

“Reggie is the guy who can draw attention and you can’t forget about Ernie Cromwell”- JT, JT first off it’s Conwell, and second I didn’t even see him in the game.

“When the flag was thrown he must have seen something to take it out of his pants.”- JT
“Hahahahahaha……that’s a no commenter for me”- TK
“Tony sometimes it’s like having a little kid in here”- MT
Just the epitome of great exchanges. In fact I think this is the only time a three person booth has ever succeeded in having all three parties involved say something funny.