NY TIMES reports that Wendy’s, in conjunction with Visible World Corp., has created interactive commercials for use with this Sunday’s NFL telecasts.

The Wendy’s commercials, to be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports this weekend, are one of the earliest national examples of an emerging TV technology that allows advertisers to vary their message at the last minute. The Wendy’s ads will reflect events in the football games, creating what ad executives call a reverse product placement of sorts. Instead of putting Frostys or Wendy’s fries into a TV program, the company will incorporate a show’s content in its commercials.

So you want to know what the commercials are going to be like?

SPORTS commentators will not be the only ones remarking on Sunday’s National Football League games. Animated raccoons will also give instant feedback in advertisements for Wendy’s International that will be shown at the start of commercial breaks.

If the score is 0-0, an ad might start with a Wendy’s raccoon standing in front of an overturned trash can, saying, “I may be nocturnal, but this game is putting me to sleep.”

If there is a touchdown just before a commercial break, another raccoon might say: “Touchdown. These fans are as rabid as we are.”

The report also states that fans could see up to 17! different versions during a broadcast.

You know what? I was sort of pissed about this, but the more I think about it……I’d probably rather have Raccoons telling me the score than Joe Buck.

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