Here are some things you may or may not care about…….

While I’m not the biggest fan of Soccer there are some entertaining anecdotes out there:

  • Bruce Arena has been to Italy 3 times, likes Pasta, and can apparently curse in Italian. (Who Cares?)
  • Brazil and Italy are the only two nations to have won a World Cup in the Year of the Dog, and 2006 is again the year of man’s best friend, said The Star newspaper Thursday. (So there’s your final)
  • Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, a soccer fan, added his voice to the jubilant mood by saying that Spain would reach the final. (Obviously Zapatero doesn’t believe in the Chinese Zodiac)
  • Cambodia’s prime minister urged soccer fans in the impoverished Southeast Asian country to stop betting their money and belongings on World Cup matches. (Wish I had someone telling me the same thing)
  • The chief of Cambodia’s Buddhist monks, Supreme Patriarch Non Ngeth, announced over the weekend that the country’s holy men would be granted an exception to watch soccer matches during the tournament — but he said they would not be permitted to cheer or gamble. Monks in Cambodia are not supposed to watch television, according to Buddhism’s strictest tenets that say the holy men must abstain from pleasurable activity (hmm I have nothing to say to that one.

Stay Tuned for the next entry into our Awful Announcing Hall of Fame: Dee Brown