Sorry to all five of you….I know that your lives revolve around my articles. I know it’s been a few days, but here’s a new one for you.

Lost, House, and 24’s Seasons ended this week, and I’m not sure which one was the best. Lost got pretty trippy there for a bit, and was exciting, but I’m even more confused than ever. House apparently got shot, and Jack Bauer saved the day but got snagged by the Chinese. Actually I know which finale was the best…..American Idol. Er, at least that’s what the subliminal message during a Coke (or Ford) commercial told me.

3 Game Sevens happened as well…..but you’ve probably already read Bill Simmons’ take on them and I have nothing to add. (Apparently he thinks Steve Nash shouldn’t be MVP. He’s only said it 49 times in his last three articles.)

…and two Road teams won each of the Game 1’s in the Conference Finals. I would talk about the Eastern Conference, but they S-U-C-K. So I’m going to talk about the Western Conference Finals…

Borris Diaw is just plain sick. The kid can play every position on the court and is only 23. I am completely convinced that Atlanta is purgatory for an NBA player. The best part of these finals is the battle between two ex-Teammates (and they’re white!) Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki. I really think these to are in a relationship and they will come out long after their playing days, but until then we have pictures like these to get us by.

Seriously, how gay is this picture? Now they are playing in the same city every night! Some Double Tree employee somewhere needs to provide me with some stories….I want to break the news here first!

Next report to come from North Carolina! Have a good holiday……until then, enjoy being hypnotized by Steve Nash’s tie. (Oh how our boy has grown!)